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on his right shoulder, the shoulder he actually got shot in, he has a tattoo of an anatomic heart. done in the colors shown. the tattoo is distorted now, from his scar.

on his left shoulder, he has a tattoo of some trees, done all in black. there’s a bunch of branches that creep up his shoulder and around his bicep and at the bottom of the trees is a black band that wraps around his arm, two inches above his elbow. 

my to-do list in no uncertain terms

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Tina: god

AIM Ion: so preeeettyy

Tina: she’s so

Tina: damn

Tina: gorgeous

Tina: the flower wreath

Tina: that was totally their wedding 

AIM Ion: heeee


Tina: he must have dreams about her

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house ironside

brandr ‘bran’ ironside - blacksmith, blacksmith for the king - deceased of old age at 46 - that was six years ago. 

dagmær ironside - homemaker, i guess? idk she tended the house - deceased during a raid on the village at 31. (delos was 13 at the time of the raid)

delos ironside - blacksmith’s apprentice, hand to the bloodqueen, etc etc, currently 33. faced by travis fimmel.

asbjorn - shire horse - black with white markings - stands 18 and a half hands tall, twelve years old. 

lilja ironside - babychild sister - deceased during raid on the village at 9 years old.  (delos was 13 at the time of the raid)

aleifr ironside - babychild brother -  deceased during raid on the village at 6 years old. (delos was 13 at the time of the raid)

house greywater

ari greywater - fisherman, sailor - presumably dead at sea, no one knows tbh. 

brynja greywater - fisherwoman - deceased from tuberculosis at 25. 

gyda (greywater) ironside - fisherwoman - deceased from tuberculosis at 23, which took place 8 years ago. faced by tamsin egerton.

eydis greywater - kitchenhand for the queens, currently 23.  faced by imogen poots. 

delos was born in dragos, near the coast. when a lord happened upon his father’s smithing work, he was handpicked to work for the king up in northwood, not far from the capitol. delos, an apprentice at the time, traveled with his father up to queenslawn, when he was just past 11 years old. his mother and two siblings stayed behind to tend to the livestock and the home. two years after the departure from dragos, an invading party raided village I and dagmaer, lilja and aleifr were causalities of the raid. 

in queenslawn, delos met gyda greywater and they were married when gyda was 17, delos 19. she had been raising her sister from the age of twelve, when eydis was just four years old and their mother died of illness. their father was a fisherman and often going off the coast into open water to catch fish. when delos and gyda were wed, eydis moved with them to live with them. gyda died at the age of 23 of the same symptoms her mother had and eydis was just fifteen when gyda died, leaving her alone with delos. delos looked after her, setting her up with a kitchenhand job in the castle when he became asha lander’s hand, five years ago. 

two years after his wife’s death, delos also lost his father, leaving eydis his sole remaining relation. her father had taken to the sea to search out newer lands, farther north of tagaria, just a few years after gyda and delos’s wedding, and was never seen again. 

13:55:13 TINA I will name delos’s dead family, as well as eydis and gyda’s parents. Tonight.
13:55:44 ION Good, good
13:56:18 TINA Papa greywater, tho, before gyda died but after she married delos…he traveled out of northwood to the coast to set sail with a crew, to sail /past/ vanien. To look for land beyond. Never came back.
13:57:17 ION I need to name the earth born lord that keeps giving samara shit in hopes that she’ll pick him as her baby daddy
13:57:19 ION Ohhh
13:59:03 TINA They don’t know if he made it or what. But eydis, after gyda had died and he got eydis set up in the castle as a kitchenhand, she brought it up, all, “my father tried to sail north, he took a crew and a ship,” “yes, I know this. He left while I was married to your sister, never returned. What of it?”  ”When you courted gyda, you asked my father for her hand…but my father is gone. And I’m coming of an age to be courted…who will my suitors speak to?”  ”They would speak to me.”
13:59:42 TINA “You would give me away?”  ”To a worthy suitor, maybe. He better offer a good dowry for you, though. Provide you with security.”
14:00:15 TINA When samara meets delos, gyda’s been dead two years.
14:00:26 TINA No. Wait. Three.
14:01:02 TINA Because he was 25 when she died and asha is 25 when she proposes to samara and heee is 3 years older than asha.
14:01:15 ION D’aww eydis
14:01:17 ION Ohh
14:01:44 TINA Also delos carved and smithed a knife for eydis to keep on her hip. Made from a boar’s tusk with a sharp blade.
14:02:18 ION Yeaah
14:02:20 ION D’aw
14:03:01 TINA He’d have probably made a knife for gyda too. So I’m thinking sheee died of natural causes.
14:03:17 TINA Maybe she and her mother both just caught tuberculosis.
14:03:54 ION Ohh
14:03:57 ION Could be, could be, yeah
14:04:09 TINA Eydis would seek counsel from healers and witches, who tell her that her blood is clean. Delos doesn’t hold quite so much stock in their assurances.
14:04:47 TINA “Your blood is blood…its red, its sticky, no one’s blood is /clean/.”
14:05:00 ION Tagaria could have even had something go around. Not quite the plague. Maybe Spanish influenza-y. If it wasn’t like a family thing the eydis wouldn’t have to worry she’d get it at a certain age
14:05:15 ION Haha
14:05:34 ION Eydis is cute. I WANT HER TO GET A NICE MAN
14:06:09 ION Like Delos taking care of her is nice, but when it becomes marrying time SOMEONE SWEET
14:06:28 TINA Woodbridge. Idk.
14:06:38 TINA Something. Something good. some sweet boy.
14:06:43 ION Heee
14:06:54 TINA A baker’s son maybe. Strong arms. He delivers flour to the kitchens.
14:07:08 TINA Flour and loaves of bread that are specially ordered.
14:07:28 TINA Woodiron, maybe. Ironwood. I’m just combining shit.

14:09:58 ION Samara’d order shit just so he could come by because she would like to see Eydis with him nbd.
14:13:53 TINA Haha cuuute
14:15:35 ION She’d ask Delos if he’d seen his sister with the baker’s son. “They’re cuuute. Do you think I could get invited to the wedding? The food will be fabulous. -waves bread-“
14:15:51 TINA Hahah
14:18:28 TINA I bet heeee reassures asha and/or samara about the wedding. Like if either got nervous/cold feet. He went through it once. It was fun. Exciting. He still has fond memories of it. Dancing, drinking, flowers in gyda’s hair that started to fall out as the night went on soshe stuck them in his and eydis’s hair.

  01:37:30 TINA If Gyda died like their mother, then Eydis is convinced she’ll die young like her mother and sister. But if she was kiiiilled…idk. Eydis is probably just terrified of other people. Spends her time ties knots to make nets. 
  01:38:09 ION D’aww

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Tina: okay so delos is from the mountains still. was born there, etc. and then when he was ~youngish. idk. bjorn aged. they moved to northwood to ~work for the king and shit

Tina: or not..quite..northwood. 

Tina: wtfever the fuck this area is

Tina: they went there. 

Tina: delos met his fishergirl~, apprenticed with his father, ~wooed his fishergirl, etc

Tina: stuff happened, idk, she ded

Tina: he’s from, uh, down here and shit. near the bottom. or maybe along the spine, idk man, the villages should probably have names and shit

AIM Ion: poor fishergirl

AIM Ion: mm yeah that’d be helpful

Tina: naming fishergirl~

Tina: maybeee eydis, tho i do like gyda. 

AIM Ion: gyda is pretty~

Tina: kind of want to claim that gyda had a sister - maybe eydis - who was younger, and lived with gyda and delos while they were married, because gyda’s mother died when eydis was young and so gyda raised her as a mother while their father provided for them

Tina: and when she and delos married, he let eydis live with them

AIM Ion: aww

Tina: and now he lives in he castle and shit but still makes sure to look after eydis in the village

Tina: imogen poots as eydis’s face, ijs

delos ironside - travis fimmel 

gyda ironside - tamsin egerton - deceased x-amount of years ago. idk, they were young and shit. she never had time to give him babies. before he was the queen’s hand or any such shit, back when he was just a blacksmith workin’ for his dad who worked for the king. 

eydis greywater - imogen poots - their mother died of, idk, dysentery  straight up oregon trail in this bitch. no idk. 

ramona sage hanks - face is troian, plot is crossroads/boyband stalking happy fun times